Award for Gnomon Informatics SA

Gnomon Informatics SA was awarded on Tuesday, December 4, at the 20th Greek ICT Forum, one of the most important events in the ICT sector in Greece. Gnomon Informatics SA was awarded for its extraversion in the field of eHealth and the award was received by the company’s CEO Kostis Kagelidis.

Ntinos Makropoulos is the chairman of the Greek ICT Awards and its members are Mr. Nikos Faldadis and Mr. Stelios Christakos.

This award is a recognition of the company’s policy and the hard work of its executives with contracts in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malta, Ireland, Cyprus, Belgium and of course Greece. The product of eHealthPass is a health data management platform that interactively manages digitization in health.

GNOMON INFORMATICS SA is European eHealth interoperability leader and developer of the eHealthPass patient centered platform “Get in charge of your data”. Also, Gnomon informatics is an active member of organizations such as Hl7, IHE, ECHA Alliance and is ISO certified 9000 and 27001.

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