Gnomon and eHealthPass key participants in the largest EU disaster management exercise

We are particularly excited to announce that eHealthPass, successfully facilitated the demonstration and evaluation of the International Patient Summary (IPS) in the largest exercise organised by the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The IPS has been developed in the context of the Trillium EU Project and aims to provide consolidated medical information about the patients’ history. IPS is consistently adapted and localised to serve the needs of specific use cases in order to improve the treatment process by providing timely information about the patients’ history.

Gnomon, facilitated the latest demonstration and evaluation of the IPS which was performed during the 2018 Modex Romania, the largest medical exercise ever conducted in the framework of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and took place in Bucharest, Romania 14 – 18 October 2018. The simulation mobilised over 1000 persons and involved medical teams from Austria, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway and Israel, and experts from other states participating in the Mechanism.

We are proud that Gnomon was the key facilitator of the demonstration with the use of eHealthPass, the patient-centered solution that brings the patients in charge of their own medical data. We are particularly excited to demonstrate that eHealthPass is compatible with the world leading eHealth standards such as FHIR and IPS and to show its significant effectiveness in daily healthcare and treatment plans as well in medical emergency situations overseas.

Congratulations to the Gnomon team that worked around the clock to facilitate the demonstration and to maintain eHealthPass to the forefront of the global eHealth scene.

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