Why we need eHealthPass more than ever

eHealthPass is a platform that combines privacy, self-management, interoperability and collaboration tools while emphasizing on patients’ consent management and privacy settings. It can also be integrated to National Health Services via openNCP so patients can access their medical history, treatment plans, vaccination card and their personal -or family members’- summary. It also supports cross-border data exchange, utilizing European standards (eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure) and its use aims to empower the patient in such a way that he can feel and be able to manage any difficulty in everyday life.

Our company has already participated in various national (Pilaia-Hortiatis municipality, IDIKA, GOV.GR) and European projects (Cyprus, Sweden, Malta Ministry of Health, Health Services Executive in Ireland etc.), where eHealthPass platform has a central role, regarding the integration of eHealth technology along with the organizations and the patients themselves.

In this critical and unprecedented circumstances we experience regarding the COVID-19 situation, the adoption of new digital health solutions is essential to fight further virus spread, and ensure effective and safe treatment processes. eHealthPass enables tele-consultations, remote patients’ monitoring and frictionless availability of medical information, which can be life-saving. The app also embeds the CovidShield function, which is inclined to perform symptom checking, tele-conferences with doctors and COVID-19 test prompts. If the patient is positive, (s)he remains in quarantine for 2 weeks while his/her daily routes were traced via beacons placed in important public places. This feature is critical for mapping and preventing the disease from spreading in other citizens.

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