Blockchain Innovation Webinar

19-20 October 2020 16:00
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The purpose behind the DLT4All project is to address effectively the lack of European entrepreneurs’ and SMEs’, students’, investors’ and incubator managers’ understanding of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and their applications.

While DLT and Blockchain can have significant economic and social impact, many European entrepreneurs, angel investors and incubator managers are still not aware of the potential benefits the adoption of these technologies can offer in terms of growth and innovation.

Additionally, while many European Higher Education Institutes have shown interest in blockchain, their curricula lack real-world cases from the business, investor and startup worlds that will allow them to deeply understand and analyse state-of-the-art applications and blockchain-based technologies’ innovation potentials.

The event will be completed in two days and is going to take place in Zoom meetings.

Smart Contracts
Smart constracts class investigates design issues of blockchain-based applications (Smart Contracts) that can automatically execute the terms of a contract, focusing on both technological and business aspects of the subject.
Privacy and Property Rights
Privacy & Property rights class discusses how blockchain technology can support legislation on Property Rights, both tangible and intangible and describes privacy related issues in blockchain. The European legislation on property rights and licensing is presented and how blockchain technologies could help designing a fair remuneration scheme is discussed.



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