New electronic services for the Bar Association of Thessaloniki

The Bar Association of Thessaloniki organized an event in order to inform all members of it about the technological developments in services and infrastructure that will offer to them.

Online services for lawyers-judges-citizens, like administration of electronic signatures, electronic submission of court documents and electronic services of prejudgment are provided by D.S.TH. in cooperation with the Bar Association of Athens and presented during the event.

The new web portal of the Bar Association of Thessalonikiwas presented too, with the new e-services like the digital version of the “Armenopoulos” magazine, the creation of a personal website for every lawyer, the personal electronic register, the electronic office management and the electronicKoha library.

In the final section of the event there was a demonstration of the European e-Justice program that concerns the European transnational effort to provide electronic “one-stop shop” services ” in the justice sector.

The event was held at the conference center of Piraeus Bank on Wednesday, November 13 of 2013.

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