International contract for Gnomon Informatics in eHealth section

Gnomon Informatics S.A., is one of the three final winners of the European competition project named Decipher PCP. A Greek company is discriminated with a new signed contract for the development of the innovative system in e-health section.

Decipher PCP is a European competition, conducted by three health systems (ESTAV CENTRO Italy, TISCALUT Spain and CMFT-TRUSTECH UK) and aimed to develop a mobile solution which will enable secure cross-border access to existing patient healthcare portals.

Gnomon’s solution, openDecipher as it named, is one of the winning solutions that proposed during the competition. After evaluating the design and the prototyping of openDecipher, Gnomon Informatics S.A is one of the companies that successfully passed through three different stages among 22 competitors. This is the first Greek company success on PreCommercial Procurement tool adopted by European organizations as part of their innovation policies in the EU.

OpenDecipher is a mHealth solution that allows citizens/patients to keep their medical history, have access to medical information kept in healthcare systems for them and their family members. A list of information such as diseases, allergies, surgeries, vaccinations etc. compose the medical history of citizens/patients, managed from physicians who are chosen by citizens/patients themselves. Connected smart IoT devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pedometers etc. collect and store information directly in citizens’/ patients’ history so that treatment plans can effectively monitored by physicians. Daily mobile alerts as reminders indicates the actions that patients need to do for the proper treatment plan adherence.

OpenDecipher is based on the technological platform eHealthPassTM, the flagship of the investment actions of Gnomon Informatics S.A. eHealthPassTM creates bridges between systems and devices (Internet of Things) and is based on standards developed by international organizations such as IHE and HL7. It enhances the patients/citizens in health data management allowing them to ship, provide access and consent to health data.

The recent award and final contract under Decipher PCP project is another bonus for Gnomon Informatics SA achievements in eHealth section in Greece and Europe. Gnomon provided services in recent years to health organizations in Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Cyprus. Gnomon Informatics S.A. is a member of HL7 Hellas, the IHE Europe and open community of companies that support the cross-border health across Europe.


For more information:

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