HSmartBPM – powered by eHealthPass. A solution to optimize hypertension care selected for Phase II of HSMonitor PCP

Thessaloniki, 29/06/2021

Gnomon Informatics SA announces the successful progression in the Phase II of the HSMonitor project. The HSmartBPM consortium, led by Gnomon, is among the three consortiums invited to proceed to phase II of the PCP.

HSMonitor is a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project investing in Research and Development (R&D) services towards innovative ICT-enabled monitoring solutions to improve health status and optimize hypertension care. This procurement relates to a joint PCP that will be carried out by the Ministry of Health of Turkey as a Lead Procurer, following the participation of the buyers’ group of: Region Lombardy (Italy), Region Jämtland Härjedalen (Sweden), University Hospital Federico II (Italy) and Health Center Zagreb (Croatia). 

In the ICT-enabled monitoring solutions direction, we presented HSmartBPM: a fully integrated intervention system for hypertension to cover a wide spectrum of parameters like current adoption of the technology, safety, accuracy, effectiveness in terms of patient health, costs and economic aspects, ethical, legal, organizational, social, and cultural aspects.

HSmartBPM solution is powered by eHealthPassTM, a multifunctional platform for family health and disease management. It provides health records’ access, information sharing with professionals, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support, with a focus on patient consent and privacy, and alerting of any abnormal situation as it is defined by health care professionals, using international and open interoperability standards. The HSmartBPM prototype will integrate crucial components and tools from all the consortium members.

By applying its solution at large-scale, HSmartBPM aspires to innovatively upgrade the health value chain by encapsulating a data-value chain, targeting to affect the connection between producers (end-users) and payer stakeholders (procurers). Robust interoperability functionality ensures secure communication between system and stakeholders. The data collection, integration, analysis, and visualization will enhance successful self-management and monitoring practices. It will facilitate the detailed comparison of hypertension interventions for influencer stakeholders, who in cooperation with the payers will improve their decision-making process.

Our solution consists of a consortium of six beneficiaries with outstanding track records in shaping the future of medicine, including one ICT research and academic organizations demonstrating scientific excellence during the latest years in their respective fields (CERTH) and five private companies (Gnomon, Promptly, ERC, Datawizard and Mindmed) focusing on improving the treatment of patients. The HSmartBPM consortium is supported by a Clinical Advisory Board managed by the Athens Medical Society.

For more information, visit HSmartBPM’s new website on and the HSMonitor website presenting our solution on

Contact person:

Asterios Papastergiou
Gnomon Informatics SA
+30 210 7001635


HSmartBPM is being procured for and by HSMonitor, an EU project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement No 856698. The EU has given a grant for this procurement, but is not participating as a contracting authority in the procurement.

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