Gnomon Informatics is implementing the National Contact Point of epSOS for Malta

Gnomon Informatics signed a contract with Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to implement, test and support Malta’s National Contact Point for Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS) project.

Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS) is the European Union’s flagship eHealth record interoperability project co-funded by the European Commission and its partners.  Through this project, European patients will have the opportunity to use cross-border eHealth services when seeking healthcare in participating epSOS pilot countries. The goal of the epSOS pilot is to demonstrate that pan-European health data exchange can be effective in a seamless manner for health care professionals.

EpSOS participation for Malta refers to Mater Dei Hospital Acute and Emergency Department to act as a recipient of epSOS Patient Summary data as the Point of Care for visiting EU citizens and for Mater Dei Hospital to supply Patient Summary data to other epSOS countries in respect of its citizens needing care in those countries.

For this purpose Gnomon Informatics will implement a National Interface between epSOS openNCP software and Malta’s existing national infrastructure, namely the Electronic Case Summary System and the National Patient Summary system.

The responsibility for the delivery of the epSOS project and other national eHealth projects in Malta lies with the eHealth Team of the Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community Care (MHEC), with the support of Malta IT Agency (MITA).

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the central driver of Government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta.

MITA is responsible for the delivery and implementation of the assigned programmes as set out in the National ICT Strategy for Malta 2008-2010 (The Smart Island Strategy), and as directed by the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications from time to time.

Gnomon Informatics SA has the vision to provide innovative and reliable Internet solutions and services to the Greek and International market. Since its establishment, the company keeps investing in the acquisition and transfer of know-how and has established strategic co operations with global key-players, applying point technologies in highly innovative, IT applications. Today Gnomon Informatics SA is a provider of state of the art Internet products and services and has become a significant player, providing its services throughout Europe.  GNOMON has a strong presence in Greece and abroad, having offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and Nicosia, Cyprus.

Gnomon Informatics SA has based its philosophy on open source IT solutions.  Since its establishment, despite the wide acceptance of proprietary platforms in the early days, it persisted in providing its clients with open source-based solutions.  Today, after more than 12 years of open-source development GNOMON has validated its experience in providing solid solutions and services to its clients using J2EE development and Java-based portals.

Gnomon Informatics SA has created a series of e-health web services based upon the use of the gi9 portal framework. In that sense it has implemented a series of primary care portals that enable quick and accurate access to quality assured public health information enabling the automatic collection of information from multiple sources and users. Gnomon Informatics SA has achieved accurate and prompt standard protocols interoperability by using international standards in the domain such as HL7, CDA, DICOM, and others.

Gnomon Informatics SA participates also in the NCP LSP project epSOS as a member of the Industry Team, participating in the Steering Committee of the Industry Team, participating in the development of the reference implementation models of the project, “NCP in a Box” and openNCP. Gnomon Informatics SA has proven skills in the development of opens source tools related to specific parts of the technical and functional specification of the project namely an audit trail manager conformant to IHE ATNA standards for documentation and logging of sensitive medical data, a configuration manager capable of handling TLS assertions in a multi user environment, a portal framework that enables reading electronic prescriptions and patient summaries from all participating member states (25 participating nations in 2013) while creating e-Dispensation note. In addition GNOMON has implemented a CDA Display tool that enables semantic conformance to all electronic prescriptions and patient summaries handled by any participating nation in any language conformant with the epSOS Master Value Catalogue and epSOS extensions of IHE conformant CDA Release 2 level 3 documents. Software components developed for the project have been successfully tested with the use of IHE compliant testing methodology (“Projectathons”).

Gnomon Informatics SA is also established at IDIKA SA the contracting authority of the ePrescription project in Greece and has released on behalf of IDIKA the national interoperability specifications of the ePrescription system which are based on the international standard HL7 CDA R2 and on the specifications proposed by project epSOS at EU level. Gnomon Informatics SA has also implemented and is supporting the current version of the Enterprise Information Bus currently in use to interoperate with third party software at IDIKA.

Contact person:

Dr. Alexander Berler

Head of Consulting Services, Gnomon Informatics S.A.

+30 2310 804150

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