Gnomon Informatics grows thanks to DECIPHER pre-commercial procurement

Gnomon Informatics, a Thessaloniki based SME, is rolling out interoperable e-health management solutions across Europe. The openDECIPHER solution, that it developed during the EU funded DECIPHER pre-commercial procurement, has paved the way for the company to win eHealth deployment contracts in Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, Greece, Belgium and Switzerland. Further extensions, e.g. for diabetes and chronic pain management, are currently also under testing by Turkish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese health procurers.

Gnomon Informatics provides new tools for chronic disease management with its open, interoperable and cross-border healthcare ready mobile application

openDECIPHER is Gnomon’s HealthDSI compliant solution with open system / open source connector. It provides health records’ access, multi-language information sharing with professionals and relatives, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support and geolocation, with a focus on patient consent and privacy. openDECIPHER is an innovative feature rich patient centered platform for chronic disease management. It supports an open ecosystem where developers can utilize the infrastructure for app development.

openDECIPHER builds on Gnomon’s eHealthPassTM interoperability platform. eHealthPassTM deals with the core issues, i.e. interoperability with current and forthcoming established standards, patient centred data governance, advanced patient engagement technologies. The solution is certified compliant with IHE and GDPR and in 2019 will be certified as a Class I medical device. Through the innovative approach of the PCP procedure, the company created a mobile enabled health solution that allows citizens to keep important medical information, share them with selected physicians and have access to medical information kept in connected healthcare systems. OpenDECIPHER has incorporated by design important features such as patient consent automation, IoT device integration, treatment plan adherence, alerts and reminders to physicians and patients, and cross border healthcare support.

Since the DECIPHER PCP, Gnomon Informatics has won procurement contracts to deploy interoperable e-health solutions in Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Luxembourg, Greece, Belgium and Switzerland. This will enable secure exchange of patient summaries, which is important for example for rolling out e-prescription across those countries. The EU’s Connecting Europe Facility program supported some of those contracts.

Meanwhile, Gnomon Informatics also successfully developed extensions to the openDECIPHER platform for diabetes II management ( and chronic pain management ( For these two streams, the company developed a partner’s network in four countries (Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, and Portugal) that are validating its solutions (in the context of the EU funded PROEMPOWER PCP phase 3 clinical trial) and is actively looking for expanding also to other European countries. A major collaboration agreement is also in the making with an IoT medical equipment manufacturer to gain connectivity and distribution partnership with important medical devices. The company has also extended its platform’s with virtual assistants and capabilities to connect to medical devices in the cloud via upcoming 5G information highways that will interconnect people, devices, sensors and data repositories.

Alexander Berler, director consulting services, Gnomon Informatics S.A.:

The PCP approach has helped our company to create a high quality product that targets European and global markets. It is our opinion that PCP procedures should be widely adopted by public authorities all across Europe as they trigger innovation, new sales opportunities and equity for innovative SMEs. Our new openDECIPHER developments and extensions would not have been possible without the initial support of the DECIPER PCP project, which allowed us in the years after the project to extend even further the exploitation of the IPRs and knowledge base of our solution. It is our opinion that the European Commission should reinforce its support for cross-border joint pre-commercial procurements over the coming years.

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