What if we could interconnect data to bring significant value added services?

Imagine an ecosystem running on close to zero energy, or a smart home providing assisted living to elderly. During VICINITY project a bottom-up ecosystem of decentralized interoperability of IoT infrastructures called virtual neighborhood will be built and demonstrated. Decentralism refers to a solution that includes neither central operator roles, nor central databases to store sensitive data about users. It connects different smart objects into a “social network”, the virtual neighborhood, where the infrastructure owners may control their shared devices and data. The demonstration covers various domains including energy, building automation, health and transport, connecting 8 facilities in 9 different countries.

Integrated care for older adults under chronic connditiond

The Challenge:

Greece is one of the most “aged” countries in the EU and more than 19.3% of Greece’s population is over the age of 65. Most of them are living alone and deal with chronic health, cognitive or emotional problems. However, they are still active as persons with daily habits and they need to feel independent and not in constant need of others.

The solution:

Health monitoring devices (panic buttons, motion sensors and door sensors) will be installed at assisted person’s home for health monitoring so as to prevent health emergencies, to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in order to delay deterioration and to fell safe and independent when staying at home.

1. Prevent unnecessary hospitalization due to accidents or health incidents due to luck of vital sign monitoring

2. Maintain therapy adherence

3. Adopt healthy habits that will delay deterioration

4. Ability to be independent and yet safe at home

5. possibility for an integrated care plan that connects both health and care services