Gnomon Informatics SA is proud to announce another milestone! Gnomon leads a consortium that participates, as supplier, in the 3-phase iProcureSecurity PCP H2020 project which focuses on enhancing digital triage management systems using innovative technology packages. The affordable, personalized and based on well-established standards solution named iTRIER (standing for innovative Triage management system strengthening Resilience and Inter-operability of Emergency medical service), is proposed by the consortium to meet the project’s requirements. The consortium has successfully completed its first phase, where the focus was on solution design.

iTRIER: innovative Triage management system strengthening Resilience and Inter-operability of Emergency medical service

i-TRIER is the name both of the consortium led by Gnomon Informatics SA, and of the proposed innovative and affordable solution as part of the 3-phase iProcureSecurity PCP project; the latter aims to enhance digital triage management systems and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. The i-TRIER consortium includes market-leading industrial partners Agencies (CS GROUP-France, BETA80-Italy, ERC Grup-Turkey) with a strong record in integrating their solutions in the operational systems of Civil Protection, Ambulance Dispatch Centers and Hospitals, a well-established SME in the personal health data management domain (Gnomon-Greece), and two renowned research institutes (ICCS-Greece, and UPO-CRIMEDIM-Italy). i-TRIER aims to increase effectiveness and efficiency of emergency medical services (EMS) by developing a novel, modular, and highly flexible triage management system, which includes a fully digitized triage component, on-site management, control/decision support, and computer-aided dispatch systems with advanced capabilities for remote operations support. Additionally, it will provide strong interoperability for unifying emergency and victim tracking data with health data, and will support citizens by providing solutions for facilitating the access to their personal health records in case of emergency. The consortium has established an efficient work plan, and is continuously evolving its commercialization roadmap to ensure the solution finds its way into the operational systems of EMS and Civil Protection Agencies, ultimately contributing to their goal of saving lives.

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Contact persons:

Maria Troullinou

Project Manager (Gnomon)

Eleftherios Ouzounoglou

Technical Manager (ICCS)

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