eHealthPass piloting activities within the SHAPES EU project

The Smart & Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems (SHAPES) Innovation Action  built, piloted and deployed a large-scale, EU-standardised open platform. The integration of a broad range of technological, organisational, clinical, educational and societal solutions facilitates long-term healthy and active ageing and the maintenance of a high-quality standard of life.

The SHAPES Pan-European Pilot Campaign engaged older individuals, care givers and care service providers in 36 pilot activities conducted in 15 pilot sites across 11 European Countries, including five EIP on AHA Reference Sites.

We are proud to have participated in such a large and diverse ecosystem involving partners from industry, academia and research, healthcare and social sector. Gnomon Informatics S.A. provided  the eHealthPass plaform that facilitated the piloting themes below. The diversity of the pilot themes demonstrates the capacity of eHealthPassTM platform to facilitate a variety of digital health scenarios spanning from chronic disease management, to assisting elderly people at home and enabling cross-border healthcare exchange.

SHAPES Pilot theme 2 “Improving In-Home and Community-based Care” was centred on providing an appropriate home setting for older individuals needing care through a specialized nursing service, preferably in addition to care provided by informal caregivers. It aimed at building a safe and caring environment to promote and maintaining an individual’s autonomy at home, without forsaking the need for medical and nursing care. Digital solutions and smart home devices were deployed to obtain a person-aware environment and to infer the individual’s wellbeing based on relevant activity.

SHAPES Pilot theme 3 focused on the Medicine Control and Optimisation. The primary objective was on identifying, managing and improving deficiencies in adherence to medicines and treatments of older individuals living with permanent or temporary reduced functions or capabilities due to chronic, age-related illnesses and living at home. Digital Solutions were deployed to monitor the individual’s health condition(s), physiological parameters and medicine adherence. A personalised approach was undertaken to enable early identification of side effects and the opportunity to adjust medicines and treatments so as to deliver safer and more effective use of medicines in-home, thus improving quality of life of the care recipients and reducing health care resource use.

SHAPES Pilot theme 5 – Caring for Older Individuals with Neurodegenerative Diseases –focused on the delivery of care to older individuals living with neurodegenerative diseases and their informal caregivers. In particular, as dementia is responsible for the greatest burden of neurodegenerative diseases, this pilot theme narrowed down on dementia syndrome and mild cognitive impairment. Within this scope digital tools were deployed to support individuals in managing their health, keeping independence, and improve their wellbeing.

SHAPES Pilot Theme 7 addressed multiple aspects associated with the mobility and accessibility of older individuals – namely the availability of health and care data (exchange) across Europe – including those living with permanent or temporary reduced functions or capabilities, to access health and care services anywhere while traveling. Digital solutions were deployed to ensure continuous availability of health care data for both patients and their caregivers – safely and securely – wherever they may be.

Further information about the SHAPES EU project and the piloting activities can be seen here:

Contact information:

Dr.Fotis Gonidis, Digital Health Product Lead

Dr.Apostolia Karabatea,  R&D Projects Manager

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