eHealthPass – Ongoing adaptations to facilitate the Piloting activities of SHAPES

We are excited to announce that the adaptations of the eHealthPass digital solution is successfully progressing in order to facilitate the piloting activities of SHAPES. In particular, eHealthPass is used in Pilot theme 5 to facilitate monitoring of older people with mild cognitive impairment.

The  Use Case proposes an integrated care service, that links the users with the social support (gerontologist) and healthcare providers (nurse) via the SHAPES digital platform and their interoperable smart devices (smart bracelet and smartphone).

By this improved service, older adults with cognitive impairment will be monitored by a formal caregivers remotely regarding their healthcare and wellbeing. Personalised care plans shall be created for each older individual.

With this respect the following functionality of eHealthPass has been adapted to fit the requirements of the specific use case:

·      Personalised care plans

·      Personalised questionnaires

·      Medical record

·      Integration with IoT device, e.g. activity tracker

·      Daily calendar of to-do list to be performed by the users

In the context of this use case, eHealthPass further integrates with the open call solution CAPTAIN that provides a middleware platform for connecting to the Withings activity tracker. In addition, the solution is integrated with the SHAPES data lake, provided by the SHAPES partner TREE.


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