eHealthPass compliance with International standards

eHealthPass is an innovative feature, rich patient-centered platform for family health and disease management. It provides health records’ access, information sharing with professionals, treatment planning and monitoring, emergency support, with a focus on patient consent and privacy, and alerting of any abnormal situation as it is defined by health care professionals. It is a mobile-enabled health solution that allows citizens to collect personal and family Medical History Data, share them with selected physicians and have access to medical information kept in connected healthcare systems.

Health professionals across the continuum of care agree that an effective and appropriate sharing of information between machines, systems, and even stakeholders, known as “interoperability”, is perhaps the most important enabler for improving the quality, cost, and efficiency of care delivery. For decades, however, the ability to share data between different software systems, residing on different hardware, from different software and hardware vendors, has eluded healthcare information technology professionals.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) is a multinational healthcare initiative that develops and publishes domain-based Technical Frameworks that consist of internationally accepted and vendor-neutral implementations of existing healthcare IT standards, such as HL7. HL7 stands for Health Level 7, and it is standards developing/defining organization and messaging formats that provide a framework for the management, integration, exchange, and retrieval of electronic information across different healthcare systems. FHIR is a HL7 standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. It is the next generation exchange framework being adopted by the healthcare community to advance interoperability. CEN/TC 251 delivers and maintains health informatics standards for Europe, preferably by producing them in co-operation with other Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) at a global level and by adopting standards from other SDOs. SNOMED CT has been designated as a national standard for several purposes (including problem list and public health reporting) in the initial certification criteria for EHRs issued by Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

How do all those standards and protocols come together in eHealthPass platform? Well, eHealthPass is a state-of-the-art multifunctional data digitization and reuse platform that empowers the patients, assists healthcare professionals in the treatment process that utilizes all worldwide recognized healthcare IT standards while, as a solution, remains extendable, flexible and scalable. Also, it leverages an in-house developed Cross-Enterprise Clinical Document Sharing (XDS) which facilitates the registration and access across health enterprises of patient electronic health records while providing a standards-based specification for managing the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise members, ranging from a private physician office to a clinic to an acute care in-patient facility.


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