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Control your pain, improve your life

A pain management solution


Improve the efficiency of patient's visit

Educate patient

Set personalized goals



Learn how to manage your pain


SelfPainrelief™ is a full pain management solution that reuses components from the eHealthPass platform and has included several important new innovative features to assist chronic patients to SELF-MANAGE their pain. This way, chronic patients can continue living an independent life at home even if they have physical disabilities. The solution is poised to make major progresses to improve health outcomes for individuals experiencing symptoms and chronic pain conditions, by translating evidence-based therapy validated by the medical services to home settings as well as advancing available and affordable technologies. Advancements in self-management strategies that range from short-term therapeutic regimens to long-term symptom monitoring will enhance medical treatment. Our vision is to provide a truly patient-centered treatment experience that promotes the notions of evidence-based practices and precise and personalized medicine.

Innovative points


shared data

Integrates evidence-based information & material

Precise and personalized medicine

Puts in the loop clinical experts, patient associations and caregivers




To capture the individual's pain experience in a standardized way

To help determine type of pain and possible etiology

To determine the effect and impact the pain experience has on the individual and his/her ability to function

Basis on which to develop treatment plan to manage pain

To aid communication between interdisciplinary care team members

Challenge 1: Improve of the knowledge of the patient base before the first visit

Challenge 2: Improvement patient follow up and treatment

Challenge 3: Increase adherence to treatment

Challenge 4: Increase Self-Management and Self-empowerment of the pain

Challenge 5: Improvement of patient education related to their condition

Challenge 6: Provide effective communication channels between patients and clinicians

Challenge 7: Guarantee Access to social networks that put patients in contact with Chronic Pain

Challenge 8: Guarantee information clinically validated

Challenge 9: Ensure data for research purposes