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The system's main features are: One time passwords, using yubikeys by Yubico


Digital services for Folk Art and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace


DecipherPCP project was a challenge to the industry to present a consisted solution for providing the European Patients a mobile tool for supporting then in the management and access of their health information

Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED) Greece, Public Sector

On the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (known as OAED), we implemented the Project entitled "Upgrading Systems and applications."...

Municipalities portals

The portal includes the following subsystems: Web portal management & content management subsystem

Municipalities - Assisted living

A new connected healthcare system and different kind of IoT devices provide services in dealing with critical life threatening events and empower the elderly to live independently.

Barrister Association of Thessaloniki, Greece, Public Sector

The project concerns strengthening and extension of the electronic services provided by the Bar Association of Thessaloniki through its Online Portal.