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    Gnomon Informatics SA supports IHE Europe in the implementation of the Swiss Electronic Patient Record Reference Platform
    IHE Europe implements the electronic patient record reference environment (EPR-RE), a test environment that will support the implementation of Swiss Regulation for healthcare information..

    Gnomon Informatics, as a partner, participated in the kick off meeting of ACTIVAGE Project in Madrid
    ACTIVAGE is a project being an initiative aimed at meeting the challenge posed by the ageing of the population via solutions entailing the use of the Internet of Things, a digital interconnection-based concept which, in this case, will make it possible to make older persons safer, contributing to their staying independent and having an active social life, as well as reducing the negative impact involved in chronic disorders and degeneration.

    International contract for Gnomon Informatics in eHealth section
    Gnomon Informatics S.A., is one of the three final winners of the European competition project named Decipher PCP. A Greek company is discriminated with a new signed contract for the development of the innovative openDecipher system in e-health section.

    Gnomon Informatics is implementing the National Contact Point of epSOS for Malta
    Gnomon Informatics signed a contract with Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) to implement, test and support Malta’s National Contact Point for Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS) project.