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    Gnomon developed new eHealthPass solution in the fight against the COVID-19



    What are we offering

    eHealthPass is a digital health solution that targets Crisis Management situations and Unplanned Care in the following scenarios:

    1. Reporting epidemic data and managing patient remotely

    2. EUcross border scenario & NCP Integration

    3. Chronic diseases management

    4. Emergency and unplanned care

    What does this address?

    eHealthPass provides the following features:

    Self- Management

    – Treatment Plans assigned by the doctors 

    – Automated reminders, alerts and to-dos  

    – IoT and medical devices connectivity 

    – Personalised Care information 

    – Panic Button features for emergency 

    – Geolocation capability in case of epidemic and or emergency 

    – Validated Questionnaires and PROMS 

    – Educational material to increase awareness and motivation – link with authenticated official information 

    Remote patients’ monitoring and tele-consultation

    – Automated questionnaire on COVID-19 symptoms 

    – First encounter (visit or remote visit) support 

    – Shared care plans among patients-doctor 

    – Teleconference and chat tools integrated for direct communication 

    – Appointment management for regular and online visits 

    – Integration with ePrescription system if existing 

    – Remote monitoring of the patients’ progress via real-time analytics and visualisations 

    – Automatic detection of medical conditions and alerts notifications 

    – Remote video consultation 

    Medical information

    – Full patient summary capability  

    – Complete electronical medical record to be displayed at an unplanned care 

    – Privacy and consent mechanisms by design  

    – Automated reporting to COVID-19 registries 


    – Leading healthcare interoperability standards to ensure frictionless exchange of medical data. 

    – Compliance with International Patient Summary Specifications (CEN PrEN17269)  

    – HL7 FHIR compatibility. 

    – IHE profiles and Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) architecture in place to ensure seamless exchange of health documents across Hospital Information Systems. 

    eHealthPass further powers the following specialised solutions:

    DM4all – Self Management of Diabetes (
    Epione – Self-Management of chronic pain (

    Where can you find out more information