Folk Art and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace

Digital services for Folk Art and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia and Thrace

In the framework of "Specification, Design and Implementation of the Communication Strategy and the Publicity and Information Action Plan of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia 2000-2006" project, Gnomon S.A. implements the ┬źDevelopment of a portal for the information and communication of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia┬╗ action. This action includes the development of an Integrated System for Content and Knowledge Publicity and Information of the Managing Authority of Prefecture of Central Macedonia (www.pepkm.gr). System is accessible through internet and consists of two basic operational units:

The Internet Information Portal. It is the entry point to the Internet for access to all of the published information and the provided on-line communications services. Information functions, search and multiple ways to navigate and access to information are provided.
The Information Management System. It is the content management of the website tool, for the continuous enrichment of the website with new content (in whatever form it is) and without requiring specialized technical personnel.