DecipherPCP project was a challenge to the industry to present a consisted solution for providing the European Patients a mobile tool for supporting then in the management and access of their health information, on cross-border scenarios and flexibility to interconnect several systems. During this project Gnomon Informatics created not only a mobile solution but an open-source, standard-based, cross-border healthcare mobile application development platform.

So, Open Decipher, at it called, is a patient-centered solution that is configured to work with existing European health frameworks, namely epSOS and stork eID (electronic identity).

Patients can securely keep track of their personal health record and share all this information, or a part of it, with healthcare professionals.  Patient's personal health record contains a list of information like conditions, allergies, family history, procedures, observations and immunizations. Monitoring devices like blood pressure meters, weight scales or other devices can send measurements to patients' health record. The app informs patients with daily notifications to follow treatment plans that doctors created for them. There is also an emergency functionality where patients can click a panic button and a guardian person will be informed immediately.

On the other hand, doctors can view patients' health records while patients have already given consent to them. They can also create treatment plans and view the patients' treatment progress.

The key points of the system are the following:

  • Secure Access to PA-PHR-S
  • Access and Share Information
  • Manage Treatments
  • Inform in Emergency Situations
  • mHealth Application
  • Access Delegation
  • Consent Management
  • Health Care Encounter Report
  • Integration API
  • Auditing Capabilities
  • Administrative Services