Assisted living

About: The project was an attempt of municipalities to upgrade the welfare and care services for their citizens. The new operating system empowers the existing services of the "Help at home" program and provides monitoring services and paging services for the elderly and sensitive social groups. There are different kinds of devices available for the citizens like panic buttons, location tracking devices, blood pressures and weight scales. Panic Buttons and location tracking devices gps are connected to the 24-hour specialized Call center and blood pressures and weight scales collects data and record them into the Municipality Medical Record System.

Implementation: During the project Gnomon created a healthcare and monitoring software consisted of a personal care file for every registered citizen, management applications for devices, citizens, events triggered by devices, alerts, visits and appointments for caregivers and geographical position management system for gps devices. Four different installation have already done in several regions of Greece, supporting so far over 250 users in Serres, Pilea-Hortiatis, Skydra, Metamorfosi Attikis. Procurement of special equipment compatible with the software, and installation on citizens' house included during the project.  

Duration: 14 months