Personalized Products Configuration and Management System for the Industrial Sector based in Internet Procedures (e-Levator)

The project involves the development of a system which support the whole productive procedure of a product form its order until its technical support. It is applied to Kleemann S.A. and it consists of two major sub-systems: a configurator and an orders visualization sub-system which connects to orders configurator.


The system's main features are:

  • One time passwords, using yubikeys by Yubico.
  • Online offers by clients using an intelligent rules system based on IBM JRules library and a smart wizard.
  • Client access to financial chapter, being able to see balances and turnovers.
  • Client access to orders history and direct monitor of his order route.
  • Access to e-files regarding his orders and new products.
  • Access to technical instructions.
  • E-shop for direct parts orders