Barrister Association of Thessaloniki, Greece, Public Sector

The project concerns strengthening and extension of the electronic services provided by the Bar Association of Thessaloniki through its Online Portal. The new services act complementary to the existing traditional structures of the association through the use of various communication channels (internet, mobile telephony, sms, smart phones). Within the framework of the project the following actions were implemented:

  • Provision of hardware  and software
  • Software Application Development for
    • management and introduction of digital publishing legislation documents
    • publication - search - browsing digital publications on the Internet
    • publication - search - browsing digital publications via smartphone
    • Digital Library using RFID
    • Electronic Presence
    • Professional Networking
    • an Electronic Office
    • Electronic Share
    • Services via smart phone
    • electronic payments and members' subscription management
    • Document Management and Workflow Management
    • Communication Management
    • Interface and data exchange data with the existing web application of the.B.A.TH
  • Digitization using OCR in pdf, epub, html format, documentation using international standards (Dublin Core, EDM, MetaLex, LKIF-CORE, ESE) and registration of the legal file B.A.TH
    • Law Magazine Armenopoulos (editable file pdf, epub, html): 8 years issues from original electronic Pdf files ,  (non editable file pdf, html): 10 years issues in paper volumes (4 volumes / year)
    • Lawyer Electronic File Share (50,000 pages epub)
    • Digital Library Archive
  • Publicity Services
  • Training of users and administrators for applications use
  • Hosting Services Equipment and Applications in an organized Data Center

Gnomon SA provided the following services:

  • Consulting services: Study implementation for the technical requirements for electronic services law applications, Digital Archive and electronic law publications
  • Software Development: Development of web and applications and business tools for the lawyers
  • Digitization Services: Scanning of documents, files and law publications in order to create the digital archive

Training, support and colocation hosting services.