Become a digital leader

Connect personalized digital experiences across web, mobile and connected devices

Manage complex needs while maintaining a sophisticated design

open source
Open source friendly

Customized solutions based on Liferay platform to suit unique business needs for a simple and reliable management system

Built for business priorities

Support the growth agenda for your business by having a content management system that perfectly fits to your business priorities

developer team
Proven developer team

Dedicated team consisted of associates with more than 10 years of experience in delivering 100+ projects on the platform.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein

virtual users on a single server
mean login time
logins per second


instant help
Enterprise scale

A versatile, multipurpose, open platform based solution that can fulfill the requirements of all types of clients. It offers robust and long-lasting but flexible enterprise portal services that are modular and expandable.

consolidated platform
Single, consolidated platform

Create quickly a competitive tool for your existing investments considering all budget challenges of your company. An integrated solution, that ensures compliance with government, industry and customer privacy and security mandates.

connected devices
Securely handle private data

A solution that provides security on site/page/portlet/data level by using different user roles and groups in order to provide customized access to the a system. Use of LDAP authentication, file and folder permission management with Active Directory for having a central login system and desired permissions to files and folders.



Easy-to-use interfaces

User-friendly and responsible, with no need of required expertise personnel for site's maintenance. By using a set of managing tools anyone can constantly enriching a website with new content, control the process of information publishing and withdrawal, categorize and characterize content.


With enterprise ecosystem (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle). Adherence to open standards and open architecture so that it can be easily adaptable and cooperative with other existing information systems

Maintainable and customisable

A system with technology agility offers multiple ways to solve any problems and keeps your business out of getting blocked because of a particular capability of it. Create quickly new services by connecting your existing systems or expanding them.