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open data
Open data

Adoption of standards and protocols (ESE, EDM , CIDOC-CRM, OAI-PMI, LINKED DATA) ensures the ability to retrieve digital collections in a complete and standard form.

digital experience
Digital experience

Unique experience and proven track-record in managing cultural project works, having implemented complex and long-term projects in the past ten years.

Cost effective technology and services

Java development tools and solutions based on open source platforms to achieve the exploitation and the production of cultural and tourism heritage.

Digital archives consisted of

Digital objects
10K +
culture photos and slides
3K +
books and documents
sounds and videos
18K +
points of interest






Digital collection management system compliant with international documentation standards for managing museums, collections, galleries and cultural institutions. Scientific documentation for digital objects in order to be available to everyone regardless time.

Mutimodal experience

3d panoramas and virtual tours for giving to everyone the chance of visiting a place worldwide without traveling. Educational games for children and adults to learn about culture in a more efficient way. Augmented & virtual reality where history comes alive defying time.

management system
Destination management system

Points of Interest created by using open standards for promoting local products and business. Personalized routes and online travel activity program, combined by points of interest, offering practical information on tourist services, like transportation, hospitality facilities and catering.



Standards & Protocols

Contributed with Europeana, the biggest library for cultural heritage. Adoption of ESE and EDM standards that allow correlations using rdf: about and rdf: resource attributes and use of URIs. Available metadata in ESE, EDM and CIDOC-CRM formats. Linked data built upon RDF triples for easier interconnection with other objects and use of other systems.

mobile application
Mobile application guide

Augmented reality location based system that supports integrated sensors of smart devices like camera, GPS, QR codes for accessing key information on top tourist POIs, attractions and events, as well as on lesser-known destinations. Creation of new routes by the end user or follow routes that have been already created by others.

web loyalty platform
Web loyalty platform

Cultural and tourism bonus loyalty cards for tourists and travelers giving them the opportunity to collect redeemable points by visiting points of interest, purchases of cooperating companies, on line campaigns, or by learning Historical and Cultural information through fun online quizzes, puzzles, and treasure hunt.