Success by design

is defined by picking the right team and the right tools

Discover the value of custom made

patient centric
No vendor lock in

Nondisclosure (NDA) and Service Level Agreements. Full concession of source code rights to the client.

smart technology
Java technology

Use of java development tools, open source platforms, enterprise and internet technologies for rapid, high-quality & desired results.

telephone support

Quality software on time and on budget. Milestones with fast, accurate project status even when the deliverable is a moving target.

Team with long term stable associates

university graduates
with Post Graduate degrees (MSc, PhD)
with 10+ years of experience





health records
Open source

Much more inexpensive solutions in an enterprise environment for equivalent or superior capability in order to deal with budget challenges. Solutions based on Liferay portal framework, Alfresco DMS for document management services and Activiti BPM for workflow procedures.

healthcare for chronically ill
Java enterprise development

The "write once and run everyrhere" technology that grew up to be an enterprise leader! Java is the defacto technology standard that combines wide acceptance, enterprise profile and it is omnipresent in devices and architectures.

Internet technologies

Internet Architecture Create scalable and resilient system that can grow with your business. Create an resilient omni channel for your business that can successfully respond to change. Get the most out of the connected world.




Single Sign On integration, successful deployments with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft products along with hybrid open/closed source applications.

medcal costs
Scrum methodology

Cycles of 1-4 week sprints with clear requirements and deliverables. Daily scrums about design, code and testing during each sprint in order to synchronize the work of team members. Scrum teams do a little of everything all the time, rather than doing all of one thing at a time.

Continuous integration

Developers integrate code into a shared repository (build/test) several times per day, which makes easier to track down bugs earlier. That means that the built is nearly always clean and available for testing, demo, or release purposes.Frequent code check-in pushes developers to create modular, less complex code.