Grow old and live an independent life

We deliver a connected healthcare solution for the elderly to have an independent life

Everyone should feel confident and secure even if his needs and daily routine may change

Secure and independent

Health is only a panic button press away. Elderly wears the button and press it whenever feels unsafe or in emergency situation.

24-hour protection and peace of mind

A 24hour monitoring center enables freedom and deliver peace of mind to the elderly. An operator is there for them for emergencies or mental support.

prevent long term conditions
Prevention of long term conditions

Identify health issues before they become serious by monitoring vital signs. Because looking after yourself today, gives you a better tomorrow.


A solution that goes far beyond age

300 +
registered individuals
existing installations in different regions in Greece
of alarms for companionship and mental support
years of proven experience




human centric
Human centric

Four different kinds of healthcare services tailored to individual traits, personality and medical needs. Elderly and call center operators acquire personal relations by emphasizing the social and personal requirements of the elderly.

high tech devices
Smart technology and high tech devices

Connected medical devices like panic buttons for those who live alone, location tracking gps devices for people with dementia Alzheimer's disease, blood pressure and weight monitors for those who suffers or need prevention from hypertension and obesity.

Real time monitoring

Social alarms triggered by users or devices in real time. Notifications for fall detections, tracking position for moving out of a defined allowed bounding box, recording vital sing measurements in order to reduce the possibility of life-threatening events after falling and missing people.



Social alarms standards

Based on BSI SOCIAL ALARM STANDARDS which is recognized as the UK National Standards Body (NSB) by the UK Government. Standards specify requirements for the social alarm system, trigger devices operation, local unit and controller receiving alarm from trigger devices and interconnections and communications.

emergency response
Rapid emergency Response

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week call center operators speak with elderly, and identify what action needs to be taken; such as contact a family member, a neighbor, call an emergency service or inform about the exact coordinates.

Schedule and appointments

Calendar with specific staff scheduling templates for social workers, nurses, psychologists, family assistants, physiotherapists or other specialties in order to manage their appointments with elderly.