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    Ireland Cross border eHealth contract for Gnomon Informatics SA

    Thessaloniki, 3 May, 2018 – Gnomon Informatics SA won a cross border eHealth contract procured by the Irish health services provider. The project is the design and implementation of the Irish OpenNCP (National Contact Point) to facilitate cross border healthcare and secure patient information exchange with ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries among EU member states according to EU directive 2011/24/EU. By doing so, Ireland will decrease medical errors frequency providing quick access to medical information and improving prescriptions access abroad.

    More specifically, the Ireland will benefit from the experience and the ehealthPassTM platform of Gnomon SA to interconnect Ireland’s national infrastructures with the National Contact Point for Cross-Border Health using international and open interoperability standards. Open NCP implementation will provide healthcare professionals with basic information in emergencies and will avoid unnecessary diagnostic procedures for Irish citizens abroad and EU citizens in Ireland. OpenNCP also allows patients to access ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries using secure online mobile applications in any language supported by the eHealthDSI (Digital eHealth Service Infrastructures).

    Gnomon Informatics SA is a provider of state of the art internet products and services and has become a significant player in ehealth interoperability throughout Europe ( Similar projects have already been or are in the process of being conducted by members of Gnomon Informatics SA on behalf of eHealth agencies and organisations from Cyprus, Luxembourg, Belgium and Switzerland. Gnomon Informatics SA is a pioneer in e-health interoperability technology in Europe and an active member in IHE Europe and HL7 Greece.

    The flagship Gnomon Informatics S.A. product eHealthPass, is a patient-centered solution that gives people a tool to manage their own health data. eHealthPass creates bridges between systems and devices for eHealth applications in the IoT (Internet of Things) world.


    Contact person:

    Fani Moschou

    Gnomon Informatics SA

    2310 804142