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gi9.portal platform

The gi9.portal platform is a new-generation content and data management system that has been developed in order to satisfy the need for a simple and reliable management system for web sites. It has been built upon general-accepted technologies is one of the most versatile, economic and usable content management system (CMS). The content and data-updating applications, which are accessible through the web, are extremely user-friendly; therefore no expertise personnel is required for a site's maintenance.

The gi9.portal platform includes a powerful yet simplified content management mechanism, to support content creators through the full life cycle of content. Through a set of managing tools, that accumulate the aforementioned characteristics, it gives the opportunity of constantly enriching the system with new content, control the process of information publishing and withdrawal, categorize and characterize content building multiple networks of information and alternative methods of navigation.

Portal Highlights

just with your browser
web 2.0 & ajax improvement
100% dynamic data
full CMS control
sorting & searching
Module architecture

CMS Applications

mailing lists
document library






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gi9.portal platform

"Integration, Expandability, Applications"


gi9.portal platform